It’s Goldddd!

You may remember the recent history of luxury travel cards: A longtime American Express employee left the bank to work for Chase where they worked to develop a luxury travel card that millennials (not American Express’ core customer group) could enjoy. Get ’em while they’re young, and keep them forever! They developed the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and (until now) have been the go-to card for dining and travel rewards. It took a couple years, but American Express is finally throwing its own punch with the reinvention of its Gold card (currently available in Rose Gold for a limited time only).

What’s Good About Gold?

The Gold card pairs perfectly with the AMEX Platinum card which already offers 5X points on airfare and travel booked directly with The Gold card earns you 4X points on US dining and supermarkets and lets you pool all of those points in one place. With TPG’s latest valuation on American Express points at 1.9 cents each, that means you’re earning 7.8% back on your dining and supermarket purchases while earning 9.5% back on airfare!

The Gold card also offers a $10 monthly credit for Grubhub (and some other less notable) purchases and an annual $100 airline incidental credit for use on your favorite airline. If you use these benefits, the card only costs you $30/year (the annual fee is $250).

Just like its rose gold design, the Gold card also has a limited time offer associated with it: 20% back at US restaurants for up to $500 in spend within your first three months of having the card. This offer is set to expire on January 9, 2019.

Finally, the referral welcome bonus is 50,000 points (worth $950)! This nearly quadruples your investment on the annual fee for the first year. Pair that with the Platinum referral bonus below and you’ll earn another 60,000 points for a total of $2,090 in reward points!

So Time to Ditch my Chase Sapphire Reserve?

Not so fast. While it is no longer your highest earning card for dining, the CSR will still earn you 4.5% back on hotels and other travel (taxi, rideshare, subway, etc.) that you won’t get with any other premium travel card. In addition, it offers PRIMARY rental car insurance (including loss of use) in addition to trip cancellation/interruption insurance, baggage delay insurance and lost luggage reimbursement. After the easy-to-redeem $300 travel credit each year, this card only costs you $12.50/month which is a STEAL for that level of coverage and a price you would likely be happy to otherwise add to your insurance bill.

Need One?

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