Time flies! Each time we celebrate a birthday or are reminded of a milestone, we recognize this. But when you hold credit cards with annual fees, you may also feel your money is flying away along with it. But fortunately, you budgeted! You recognized the value you receive in exchange for that annual fee and you prepared for the expense in your pro forma. Good on ya!

Without a doubt, the loftiest of my annual fees is the $550 renewal for the American Express Platinum card I owe each Spring. But as I’ve told you before, the card more than pays for itself in perks and benefits, and I will never get tired of relaxing in a luxurious airport lounge before my flight. So I look forward to renewing for another year.

But just like I know time flies, I also know it never hurts to ask! So I called American Express and acknowledged that my renewal was coming up, and asked if there were any loyalty bonus offers they had available for me. I spoke to a lovely representative for around 20 minutes by calling the number on the back of my card.

Tip: BE NICE! You’re asking for a favor, and while you want them to recognize the importance behind your request, you won’t get anywhere without their support.

In this case, my customer service representative had to place me on several holds while she received feedback from the American Express marketing department. Ultimately, I received two offers: If I renewed my card for another year, I’d receive 10,000 points; OR if I renewed my card for another year and spent $4,000 within the next three months, I’d receive 30,000 points.

Based on TPG’s latest valuations, the second offer was worth $570 in rewards; exceeding the annual fee itself! While that is more than I’d normally spend on the card, I will meet the requirement by prepaying for services I know I’ll need in 2018 such as Amazon account credits, airfare and hotel reservations. If I came up short, I could always use a service like Plastiq to pay our rent using my card to make up the difference.

As much as I loved the Platinum card before, I’m even more elated with it after this renewal experience. If you’d like a Platinum Card for yourself, please use my referral link which will net me 15K points while earning you the 60K.