Thank you for your interest in Kerrick Consulting. Rates are set annually by January 1st and are valid through the end of that calendar year. Unless otherwise noted, rates are inclusive of all taxes and fees, as well as travel expenses when applicable. There are four packages available as outlined below:

Visit (6 hrs | In-Person)

The Visit package physically brings Brian into your meeting room or event space! For six hours (don’t worry, we’ll break for lunch), your team will complete the full curriculum on financial literacy, debt management, pro forma development, credit card rewards, career progression and retirement planning. The day will leave your team energized and inspired as they leave with new information and tools to chart their success. This rate is inclusive of the presentation, materials and Brian’s travel to your location*.

*If your location cannot be reached via a nonstop flight from SFO, additional charges may apply.

Partner (3 hrs | Remote)

The Partner package begins with a 90-minute remote presentation from Brian to your home via an online-meeting. You (and your family if desired) will learn about the basics of financial literacy and debt management, while also learning to develop your own pro forma and roadmap for your financial future. Following the presentation, three additional occurrences of a 30-minute check-in and coaching session will be scheduled via the online meeting tool where you will have future opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification along your journey to financial independence.

Team (90 min | Remote)

Are you planning your team’s next staff development? The Team package is perfect for bringing your group together for a personal development session on financial literacy and debt management. For this online-meeting presentation, you will have your team conveniently visit your conference room to view Brian’s screen while staff separately engage via a live-chat service with Brian to confidentially ask questions and seek clarification from their own device along the way. This 90-minute presentation will review the basics of personal finance and give individuals the tools they need to develop a pro forma to chart their financial future.

Coach (30 min | Remote)

Whether you met Brian at a previous event, or you found him by referral, it’s time to chat finance! The Coach package starts with you completing a confidential worksheet that gives Brian an idea of your situation through quick and easy to answer questions regarding your household income, expenses and debt. Using this information, he will develop a report outlining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your financial future. You and Brian will review this SWOT Analysis, and answer any questions you may have, during a 30-minute online meeting 1:1 at a mutually arranged time.

2020 Packages/RatesVisit Partner TeamCoachNewsletterPodcast
$1,647$823$412$138FREE! FREE!
Local Visit /
Weekend Rate
$1,098$549$274N/AFREE! FREE!
Student /
New Professional
N/A$330$165$55FREE! FREE!

A Note About Rates

Rates must consider the use of paid-time-off, travel expenses and preparation when calculated. All rates are non-negotiable beyond the fee structure as set forth in the table above.

Next Steps

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