I’ve been aware of CLEAR for sometime, but never felt compelled to join. Frankly, it seemed to me like an alternative to TSA Precheck that I did not need. Why pay more to stand in their line rather than the one I’m already expedited through?

Then I began to notice it at Mariners and Seahawks games. Interesting.

Then fellow frequent fliers, who I trusted, swore by it. It WAS worth adding, they said, if you traveled frequently, and since I travel every two weeks, and since I was offered two months free, I decided to give it a try!

I enrolled online with relative ease providing my name and date of birth to complete registration. On my next trip to the airport, I went to the CLEAR kiosk and spoke with a representative. Armed with my driver’s license and fingertips, I completed my account setup in less than five minutes. From there, I was escorted directly to the front of the TSA Precheck line and placed my backpack on the conveyer belt. I walked through the metal detector, grabbed my bag, and was on my way. Since I have Precheck, there remained no need for me to remove electronics, my belt or shoes. I was through security and on my way to the lounge in 60 seconds flat.

To be clear (no pun intended): CLEAR allows you to scan your fingerprint or iris along with your boarding pass upon arriving to the airport and immediately move to the front of YOUR line (TSA General or TSA Precheck) where your normal rules apply. While TSA Precheck is plenty sufficient in less trafficked cities, SeaTac is FULL of TSA Precheck travelers these days and CLEAR provides you once again with the advantage of expediency.

During this two month free trial, I have six itineraries booked so I will continue to test consistency and overall worth of the service before making a final decision. If I decide to proceed, it will run me $99/year because I have a Delta SkyMiles number (Delta owns 51% of the company), so there’s no reason to pay the full $179/year since it is free to signup for a SkyMiles number if you don’t already have one. In addition, all CLEAR members can add up to three family members for only $50 each/year so it is not exorbitant to enroll your whole crew.

If you have travel or sporting events upcoming, and also want to try two-months free, you can register using my Referral Link!