Fans of Seinfeld will know what I mean when I mention the Costanza Wallet, but just in case you don’t, here’s an image.

Source: Seinfeld

While the age of coupons and receipts migrated nicely to our mobile phones as soon as we were able to display emails on them, the rise of Apple Pay and merchants’ wide-acceptance of tap-to-pay technology has really only found its stride in the last few years. The pandemic seems to have forced the initiative to a finish line, as a reluctance to use cash, or exchange cards at the register, made mobile payments a necessity for more consumers and businesses.

These days, wherever you shop, it is highly probable you will be able to checkout using your mobile device or smart watch. Apple Wallet accepts up to 12 cards in your digital wallet, while Samsung Pay accepts up to 10. This is a big deal for those in the points community, looking to maximize their return with everyday spending!

While it was no Costanza Wallet, I used to carry more cards than preferred, in order to maximize my credit card rewards. For reference, here are my top earning cards today listed by category (point values used to align percentage-based-earn):

  • 10% back on airfare and prepaid hotels booked through AMEX’s portal (AMEX Platinum)
  • 8% back on groceries and dining (AMEX Gold)
  • 6% back on hotels, transit, taxis, tours and rideshare (AMEX Green)
  • 4% back on gas and 2% back at Costco (Citi Costco)
  • 4% back on everything else where AMEX is accepted (AMEX Blue)

When you are trying to maximize your earn on everyday spending, there’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have your AMEX Gold card after racking up a large bill at the supermarket. Now, thanks to mobile pay, every card you use is available at the tap of a button! By ensuring you use the most rewarding card for every purchase, you will earn points quicker without spending more than you budgeted!

In addition to having your card available virtually for spending, many membership based requirements are moving online now too! For instance, while you were previously required to carry your AMEX Platinum card for entry into Centurion Lounges, you can now authenticate and enter through the AMEX App. In addition, Costco’s membership card is now available through their mobile app, allowing you to enter the business, and pay at checkout, using only your phone!

Whether you are collecting mobile coupons, gaining entry, or just buying lunch, the advancement of tap-to-pay in our lives not only makes earning rewards easier, it slims our Costanza Wallets and keeps life simple!