I’m No Loyalist

I’ve said it before, but I’m no loyalist. As a consumer, life is too short to stick with a company that isn’t at the top of their game. When it comes to phone plans, I’ve had them all. Having grown up with Sprint, I opened a Verizon account in college because they had the most competitive plan; only to move to AT&T six years ago to improve my monthly bill. This week, I made the move to T-Mobile.


T-Mobile offers several companies their new Amplified plan that offers unlimited data, talk and text (even internationally.) I was fortunate that my employer is on that list, and if yours is too, here’s what you can expect:

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 6.18.43 AMThe unlimited talk, text and data in the US, Canada and Mexico may be worth the switch alone, but they just kept sweetening the deal. Notably, this plan includes a 2-screen subscription to Netflix valued at $10.99/month and a Gogo Unlimited plan that is otherwise $599.00/year!  In addition, T-Mobile’s rates are all-inclusive. So when it says $60/line for two lines, it means my card is charged $120/month; without additional taxes or fees. And by using my Uber Visa card to make the payment, my phone is insured up to $600/year.


T-Mobile’s rates are all-inclusive. So when it says $60/line for two lines, it means my card is charged $120/month

Beyond that, T-Mobile will even reimburse any early termination fees your old carrier charges you as part of the switch from your current plan.

My Experience Making the Switch

Day 1

  • Because I was currently taking advantage of the AT&T Next payment installments, I had to make one-time payments to satisfy the balance on both phones with AT&T so that they could be unlocked
  • I called T-Mobile to setup my new account which took less than 15 minutes
  • I paid $25 + tax for each sim card being shipped to me (5-day Ground Shipping)

Day 2

  • AT&T requires its customers to wait 48 hours between their final installment plan payment, and placing a request to “unlock” their phone which allows customers to take an existing AT&T iPhone to T-Mobile
  • I placed these requests online under “Manage my Device” after just 24 hours and they were accepted
  • AT&T sends an email confirming your request to Unlock your phone. I confirmed, and immediately received a confirmation message that my lines had been unlocked

Expedited Day 2

  • Normally, the sim cards from T-Mobile arrive in the mail five days later. I would install them in our phones, remove the AT&T sim cards, and call T-Mobile to complete the activation process
  • Instead, I stopped by a T-Mobile store to see if they could expedite the completion of this process; and they did! I was in and out of the store in less than 15 minutes
  • This “porting” of our phone numbers automatically closed our AT&T account

Alternate Approach

If you don’t want to keep your existing phones, T-Mobile will instead pay for the remaining balance owed on any phones with your old carrier and claim the phones from you. You will then need to purchase (outright or on a payment plan) new devices from T-Mobile directly which start at $30/line after a down-payment.


It took less than a week, and while I won’t be saving many dollars each month since I previously took advantage of other promotions with AT&T, I will now be receiving much more from T-Mobile with unlimited service, a Netflix subscription and an Unlimited Gogo Internet subscription to use while traveling by plane; all for the same price as my previously limited one-track plan with AT&T. And with T-Mobile’s continued growth in addition to their customer-focused approach, I look forward to a long run with them.