Negative changes took place for the Uber card on November 1, 2019 including the removal of the subscription credit and changes to the cell phone insurance. Learn more here.

You knew Uber could take you to dinner, or bring it to you, but did you know it could also earn you 4% back when you dined out anywhere? Since acquiring the Uber credit card on its release date, it has become my exclusive card for dining out, and with that representing our largest monthly expense, we’ve quickly noticed the benefits!

The Uber card is great for anyone who uses Uber for ride-share or food delivery; but it also serves as a cash-back card for those who don’t. Regardless of your relationship with the company, if you dine out frequently, you need this card.

In addition to receiving 4% on dining, this card also reimburses up to $50 in subscription products (think Netflix, Hulu) each year, insures your smartphone against theft or damage up to $600/year and has no foreign transaction fees. The kicker? No annual fee. They’ll even give you $100 as a sign up bonus!

The only downside is that you will not receive your $50 credit until after achieving a $5,000 annual spend on the card. The upside is that the card’s site makes it easy to track:

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 8.38.01 AM

Tip: Place any large charges (reimbursable business travel) on this card to help you quickly achieve the spend requirement each year.

In my experience, Barclay will also retroactively credit your account with any subscription-charges after you achieve the spend requirement each year:



Redeeming your rewards is easy to do directly from the Uber app.

Ultimately, the card offers the most competitive cash-back on dining for a no-fee card, and is seamlessly integrated into the Uber apps so you can easily spend your cash back on your next trip or food order without syncing or transferring points.

Again, if you don’t use Uber, you can transfer these credits to your bank account as cash-back instead.

No referral bonus for me on this card, so if you’d like to apply for it, simply visit the main application site here.