In January, Chase announced the first-ever changes to its Sapphire Reserve (CSR) card since it premiered a few years ago. The CSR is the most competitive alternative to American Express’ premium cards offering similar benefits for travelers who seek a mix between luxury travel and dining perks.

The Original Benefits

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card generally offers:

  • $300 in travel reimbursement (airlines, hotels, etc.)
  • 6% back on dining and travel
  • Priority Pass Membership (airport lounges)
  • Primary Rental Car Insurance (the only card that offers this)

This, in exchange for a $450 annual fee. I’ve told you before that the only reason we carry this card is for the rental car insurance which (at a rate of $12.50/month after credits), is a policy I’m happy to pay for.

The Added Benefits

The only bad news here is that Chase has increased their annual fee by $100 to $550/year; matching the American Express Platinum card’s fee. In exchange for the added fee, here’s what they’re offering:

This final benefit is the most perplexing. The partnership between Chase and Doordash is only valid for two years, so Chase will need to announce an extension, or alternate benefit before 2022. This is the first iteration of a “rotating category” on a premium card.

Game Changer?

I’m not sure these changes add much value for the CSR over the AMEX Platinum card. Though I carry both, most consumers pick one or another and if this move by Chase is designed to inspire me to use their card exclusively, I’m not compelled. Honestly, it feels more like they needed to increase revenues through the annual fee and found a few sweeteners through partnership to justify it.

Finding the Right Card For You

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