When we bought our first car in 2012, we used a car buying service through our insurance company. In 2022, that same service had been discontinued to so we turned to American Express Platinum’s Car Buying program instead! 

The benefit of this service is that American Express will negotiate a rock bottom price with dealerships on your behalf, returning to you a menu of options at the best price you can expect to receive. This service makes the car buying process much less stressful and can help you leave feeling like you got a great deal without any of the work. 

To start, we indicated what type of vehicle (make/model) that we were interested in; and indicated whether or not we preferred a new or used car. Immediately afterward, my inbox was flooded with results showing me available cars in my zip code (and surrounding area) along with a transparent price. After reviewing the results, we reached out to the dealer who had the best offer for us and scheduled a test drive. 

After confirming that the car was one that we wanted, we completed the sale without any hassle. The final sale had state and local taxes plus licensing fees (about 10%) added to the purchase price, but there was absolutely no trouble receiving the negotiated rate. In fact, the dealer even had an email from American Express connecting us and ensuring that we both had the same offer in front of us.

Within a few hours of test driving the car, it was officially ours! Thanks to American Express Platinum’s car buying service, buying a car couldn’t have been easier. You can access this perk by clicking “Benefits” from your AMEX Platinum account page.