In a disappointing announcement last month, American Express shared that their Marriott Bonvoy card will no longer offer a $300 statement credit for Marriott purchases each year. Instead, the card will offer a $25.00 monthly credit towards restaurant purchases.


Formally, the $300 statement credit perk will disappear on September 22, 2022! Then, the $25 monthly restaurant credits will begin issuing October 1st and monthly thereafter. That means current card holders can redeem up to $375 credits ($300 from Marriott and $75 from restaurants October-December) this year only.

Other Benefits

While this is a disappointing transition of perks, two other valuable perks associated with the card remain: The first is 15 elite qualifying nights each year and the second is a free hotel night redemption (up to 50,000 points) each year. Considering the $450 annual fee, if you can make full use of the $300 in statement credits each year, the card still offers you a jump start towards elite status and a free night each year in exchange for the net $150 fee.