Alaska Airlines discontinued this service in 2018. If you have MVP Gold status, you can still use this strategy since change/cancellation fees are waived.

Alaska Airlines is my preferred airline for many reasons, and one reason I love booking with them is their Price Guarantee. Using Google Flights, which monitors airfare pricing and alerts you of changes within the parameters you set, I ensure that by the time I travel, I’ve paid the lowest fare available.

Just like any good plan, you need a spreadsheet. So I have one that lists (one per row) all of the airfare I’ve purchased. After I purchase a ticket, I add a row to my workbook and round-up the total I paid.


I then add the itinerary I booked, using the same parameters (i.e. Airline, nonstop/1-stop) into Google Flights so I’m essentially querying the exact itinerary I’ve already booked. Google will then notify you via email when the price is higher than that price. You can also visit your Google Flights dashboard at anytime to see your full list of current prices.

When I received a notification today that a flight I had purchased was now cheaper, I accessed my Google Flights dashboard and saw that the flight for which I paid $494 was now listed at $468.


To confirm this, I visited the Alaska Airlines website and verified that the same flight was now available for $467.60 ($26 less than I paid).


Next, I simply visited Alaska Air’s Price Guarantee webpage, entered my confirmation code, and was immediately offered the difference between the fares as a gift certificate.

Tip: If you have previously confirmed an upgrade on your itinerary, or are on an upgrade wait list, you will want to caution yourself against redeeming a credit as described in their final disclaimer below.

If this disclaimer applies to your reservation, you should call Customer Service to see about any alternate solutions that may be available to you.

While it would be ideal to always receive the lowest price when booking, it is the next best thing to have the price honored without hassle if it drops later on. Alaska does a great job of this, and I’d encourage you to maintain your records against services like Google Flights to take advantage of that service as well.