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Personal Finance consulting is perfect for anyone looking to manage their debt, achieve their financial goals, and finally stop worrying about money. The plan is simple: Set up a structure based on your goals today, and put yourself in a position to achieve them in the next several years. First you will complete a straight-forward worksheet that lists all of your account balances, debts, ongoing expenses and financial goals. Using this data, I will prepare an executive summary including SWOT Analysis of your financial situation, and data-driven models that describe the success your pro forma is planning. With this easy-to-use and accessible Excel workbook, you will track your monthly financials with ease going forward while also receiving real-time feedback on your year-over-year progress in an Overview Tab.


“Brian’s ideas are pragmatic and useful. Money can be a challenging topic to discuss, and because of that, a lot of people struggle with it. Brian has a knack for taking complex finance tools and ideas and distilling them down into simple and really helpful concepts.” – Craig

“I would highly recommend using Brian’s services. At first I thought I was going to be overwhelmed because a Pro Forma looked like something I would never be able to handle, but Brian took the time to walk me through my personal finance plan line-by-line and answer my many questions. I’m actually really excited to start budgeting now, and I feel like I now have a grip on handling my student loans!” – Holly

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My meeting format is typically remote in nature using screen sharing and telephone calls to keep your costs low. For example, we’ll start by completing a worksheet that outlines your current financial situation. From there, we will develop your pro forma together and build your proficiency at managing it to ensure you feel confident moving forward.

Speaking Engagements

Brian lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, but is a Seattleite at heart, having earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Washington. Brian has a passion for personal finance and has developed a curriculum that makes long-range financial planning accessible to everyone regardless of their expertise. He has presented on this topic at local and international conferences and workshops across the country, and would love to share his thoughts and ideas with your team. If you are interested, please reach out to begin the conversation.


  • Introduction to Personal Finance
  • Budgeting and Pro Forma Development
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Career Progression
  • Managing Pay Increases
  • Maximizing Credit Card Rewards
  • Planning for the Future


Brian has presented on these topics at the following groups or organizations: